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Established in the year 2002, we are considered as one of the leading education consultant & training organization from India in the field of education, admission services and training. Having more than 15 years of professional experience & remarkable achievements in the field of education & training, we have helped more than 20000 students from India to pursue their MBBS degree abroad & India. We aim in promoting world-class education for those who are not fortunate enough to seek medical education in India in respect of competition and capitation. We are considered as one of the leading education consultant in India having its head office in Delhi and 22 exclusive branches and associate offices all over the country. We provide education that nurtures every student to be a complete professional. It focuses on the all-round development of medical skills. We are having the best professional team of its own in all over India and abroad for guiding, assisting, supervising & supporting its students, parents and the institutes associated with it.

Our Vision

In view of the popular dictum “where there is no vision”, the people perish”, thus our core focus is on properly orienting the minds of our foreign education aspiring students- to lead and plead them to clinch their dreamed qualific

Our Mission

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow to those who prepare it for today. Our mission is to be a renowned trusted name amongst students and the education providers alike, to be synonyms with efficiency; expertise an enterprise; to provide a quality service delivered by full trained and informed professionals, who actively listen to student needs and they are qualified in providing intelligent solutions; to contribute to the growth of medical industry by counselling students to the best colleges/universities of the world.

Meet The Team

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Dr. Sonal Potu


Dr. Sonal has an unrivaled passion for the organization to continuously improve their operations and management performance. She is responsible for managing the team of counselors to interface with doctors and patients(remotely and in person).

Rupal Najhawan

CEO & Co-Founder

As a leader and self-sufficient innovator, Dr. Rupal is comfortable in any role from the executive boardroom to the manufacturing floor. He is a savvy negotiator known for the strong business development and relationship building skills. Dr. Rupal's innate ability to build high-performance teams, including his strategically-selected executive management staff, has served as a growth catalyst and infused productive energy into the workplace.