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Career Counseling

Career decisions based on anecdotal information & peer pressure can lead you to a crossroads in your career. If you’re like many students faced with educational or career decisions, you may be uncertain about how to get started.

Application Process

Every university has different requirements. If you want your application to be processed rapidly you have to meet all of them. Otherwise, you may lose a lot of time in correspondence with the university about missing documents and may lose out on your chances of admission. We help you with this crucial task.

University Selection

The most important step to gaining admission to a revered foreign university is to plan carefully and to complete all the necessary steps on time. With colleges getting more expensive and competitive, students feel increased pressure to make the right college choice. For this very reason we serve as a student’s personal resource in identifying colleges that fit his or her individual preferences.

Visa Guidance

We help you to prepare all the visa documentation required by the visa consulate and train you to answer all the questions that visa authorities might ask in case you are called for a visa interview.

Academic Guidance

Not every student is equal in academics and grasping. In ism we understand the fact and provide supplementary coaching for those students, so that no one will lag behind the pack.

Student Profile Analysis

We try to know what areas where they were struggling and be able to help them through those struggles or know the areas where they were strong and build on those strengths. The better we know our students, the better we can help craft learning experiences that match who they are. The monthly reports of students are to be provided to the parents at the end of every academic month.

Travel Assistance

ISM EDUTECH takes care of your travel itinerary including booking flights well in advance to ensure ideal departure schedules in accordance with course start date. We also provide good discounts on the same.

Financial Assistance

ISM EDUTECH Takes Care Of Your Travel Itinerary Including Booking Flights Well In Advance To Ensure Ideal Departure Schedules In Accordance With Course Start Date. We Also Provide Good Discounts On The Same.

Pre Departure Briefing

ISM EDUTECH Provides pre-departure briefing to students going for studies abroad. A ‘pre-departure guide’ is provided to each student, which covers all the aspects of initial travel and thereafter the stay during his/her study period. It provides information on all minute details including the packing list of all the things one should take with him/her while going for higher education. ISM Edutech has ample of reference from students worldwide, we help you interact with students in respective country before you leave. ISM Edutech travel team will guide you with all procedure of air travel, embarkation form filling, luggage handling, documents to handle and kept ready, while any interviews interactions at immigration check points at airports.

Post Departure Assistance

ISM EDUTECH overseas advisors located in various countries will be receiving you at airports or you will be received by the campus representatives.

ISM EDUTECH representatives will provide guidance and assistance related to accommodations, Tourism of new location for initial few days, Transportation arrangement, Campus representatives introduction, Bank accounts, Placement centers enrollment etc.

Foreign Exchange

ISM EDUTECH has tie ups with reputed Forex dealers to ensure that our students get competitive exchange rates and prompt services.