Best Apps For International Students That Are Free Too!

Have you decided to study MBBS in a foreign country? We understand you are looking for an enriching experience while studying medicine and living abroad. We want you to have an experience that will be a perfect adventure that you will treasure your entire lifetime. With all these new technologies, this modern digital age is the best time to live abroad. The smartphone era has the capability to deliver instant solutions to any issues. With just one click, the user can get rapid solutions, information, communicate with anything, and navigate to anyplace. Here we have a list of the best apps for international students that will surely elevate your studying abroad experience. This list has been created keeping every basic need in mind.


Having a cab service app is a basic necessity for everyone. Uber service is mostly available all across the world.


If you feel like exploring a foreign country then you must have this app. Skyscanner app also supports you with booking tickets and you can also book hotels or rent cars to visit different destinations while living abroad.

Google Translator

You can completely rely on Google Translator to connect with anyone around you in a language you are inexperienced in. It has multiple features like translating a sentence or a phrase just by clicking a picture and the amazing part about this app is that the translation to nearly every language can be done easily.


App with more than 20 foreign languages that can be learned by practicing with a chatbot, racing against the clock, flipping flashcards, and a lot more. This app is quite an addictive and productive means to involve yourself in a different culture and interact with the natives as well.

These applications are a complete lifesaver for those studying in colleges abroad.