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Study MBBS In Abroad

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      Whether local assistance, Indian food & accommodation are good or not?

      Is it safe for the student to pursue an MBBS course in an abroad college?

      How good is medical education abroad? What about the language barrier?

      Are there any Indian students already studying abroad at university?

      Why You Should Study MBBS In Abroad?

      There are for sure various advantages of study MBBS In abroad. Direct admissions without any examinations, easygoing admission processes, low fees, and few colleges are 2 hours away from India. Making it an added advantage for the students to study and stay close to home as well.

      Which Country is the Best to Study MBBS In Abroad?

      Some of the countries that we discovered to be best for medical studies abroad are:-
      1. Kyrgyzstan
      2. Kazakhstan
      3. Tajikistan
      4. Georgia
      5. Barbados

      Where Can I Study MBBS In Abroad at a Low Cost?

      Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Barbados are one of the best countries that offer MBBS courses at a low cost. All the five countries offer top-notch education and the best facilities to the students but the best part about these countries is that they provide MBBS education at an extremely low cost.

      What is the Duration of Studying MBBS Abroad?

      The complete duration of studying MBBS abroad is almost 5 years long with a year of compulsory apprenticeship.

      How can I get MBBS Admission Abroad?

      The student who hopes to study abroad needs to score at least 50 percent in the 12th class and they need to appear and clear the NEET examination.

      Name the Best Medical Universities Abroad.

      The best medical universities provide top-notch education, good accommodation facilities, both veg, and non-veg Indian food, transportation as well as proper security. Keeping all these points in mind, we have compiled a list of medical colleges abroad:-

      • International Higher School Of Medicine
      • Bridgetown International University
      • Kazakh Russian Medical University
      • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy
      • Kokshetau State University
      • Caspian International School of Medicine
      • Avicenna Tajik State Medical University
      • Georgian American University
      • East European University
      • Akaki Tsereteli State University

      What Courses are Offered Abroad by Medical Colleges?

      The courses offered by medical colleges abroad are usually MBBS or MD.

      How Much Does it Cost to Study MBBS In Abroad?

      The average cost to study MBBS in India is much higher than the average cost of studying MBBS abroad. The colleges working in collaboration with us provide the best quality medical education at a much lower cost.

      Are There Any MCI/Approved Medical Colleges Located Abroad?

      All the ten colleges working in collaboration with ISMEduTech are affiliated with the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Medical Council of India (MCI).

      Is it Possible to Pursue MBBS Abroad With A Budget of 10 Lakhs?

      It is impossible for any country all across the world to offer MBBS studies abroad at a budget of 10 lakh rupees.

      Is it Better to Study MBBS in India or Abroad?

      It is quite difficult to get admission in India because of the huge number of aspirants. The level of competition has increased in India and that’s why studying MBBS abroad has become the best choice for the students.

      What Process Do I Need to Follow to Get A Scholarship to Study MBBS Abroad?

      To get a scholarship from SonuISM, the student needs to appear for a test that is held once a year.

      What Are the Disadvantages of Study MBBS In Abroad?

      Some of the disadvantages of Study MBBS In Abroad are the language barrier. Another disadvantage of studying MBBS abroad is that the students after completion of MBBS have to appear for the NEXT exam in India. The NEXT exam is the qualifying factor to practice back in India.

      What is the Value of a Foreign Medical Degree In India?

      A foreign medical degree holds the utmost value as the degree is globally recognized which allows the students to work all around the world.

      What is the Estimated Cost of Study MBBS In Abroad?

      The average cost of Study MBBS In Abroad is around 25 lakhs to 30lakhs

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