Diversity and inclusion have become a common trend. Every company that includes diversity and inclusion in its mission and practices is able to achieve a competitive business advantage. The effects of diversity support a friendly atmosphere and make the work environments adaptable which in return attracts top talent.

ISM EduTech supports everyone belonging to different races, ethnicities, genders, ages, religions, disabilities, and sexual orientations. These differences in education, personalities, skills, and experiences bring out the innovation required in a company. ​Diversity and inclusion are more than buzzwords in ISM EduTech, and is taken very seriously and understood in the workplace

Diversity and inclusion best practices that  ISM EduTech follows

  • Fair treatment along with everyone
  • Equal  opportunity to everyone
  • Puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork & collaboration
  • Believes in innovation and creativity
  • Supports collaborative conflict resolution process
  • Representation of diversity at different levels of the Company

To build an environment for employees to thrive, diversity & inclusion in ISM EduTech have been highly prioritized.