Feeling Homesick At College Abroad? Cope With It NOW!

Everyone feels homesick at college once they move abroad to study. But there are ways to cope with homesickness till the next you go home for the next break. The change medical college students experience, when they move abroad, is undoubtedly the biggest move of your life. An estimated number of 66 percent of first-year medical college students suffer from severe loneliness or homesickness. If you feel homesick at college too then there are some things that you should know.

You’re not the only one

If you are feeling homesick, it may sometimes feel that everyone around you is enjoying their college life. But one thing you should clearly know is that this isn’t the truth. Many people have the capability to adjust to a new environment quickly than others. But, they have suffered from it too even if it is for some of the time. Once you realize that other students are suffering from it, it gets easier to accept the fact and move on from it.

Social media can be fake sometimes

You may have heard a thousand times that social media shows the highlighted parts of people’s lives. It can be extremely hard for the student to look at the pictures of their high school friends appearing to have totally settled to their university abroad. But it might not be the full story. They’re possibly suffering just as much as you are.

Seek help if required

Getting an education from a medical college is fabulous but staying apart from your family and the environment, the culture you got used to is difficult. If you are suffering from the constant feelings of hopelessness, sad or upset then there is no shame in seeking professional help. You should feel proud that you found the courage to discuss your issues with a professional.