Find out which country has your profession listed below their shortage occupation list.

Each country has a shortage occupation list, this is a list of professions that the respective country is currently looking for since they are in demand, go through and checkout which country has your profession listed.

Shortlist universities who provide courses you are looking out for.

Abroad Education is booming, it has become a big market for overseas countries. So carefully look out for universities that fulfills your objective.

Get in touch with us to understand further procedures

help you understand procedures on how to apply for universities and next steps that you’ll have to work on.

Get in touch with existing students.

We help you understand procedures on how to apply for universities and next steps that you’ll have to work on.


Since the process does not involve any entrance exam, some of our top universities require the student to sit for a discussion with the team members of university to ensure the students have the zeal, enthusiasm and capability to become a doctor!
Remember! Preparation is the key! Our team has it covered for you!!

Start applying.

This is made easy since you’re in touch with us now. We will help you apply for universities.

Get your documents ready

You’ll be submitting documents in regards to your academics and whereabouts. Prepare them in advance so that you submit your admission along with the documents on time.

Plan your budget for the total expense

Apart from tuition fees you might have to prepare a budget for other expenses like travel, accommodation etc. If you’re planning to take up education loans, get in touch with banks, financial institutions 6-8months prior to when you’re planning since it involves a lot of paperwork.

Apply for Student Visa

We’ll work on this together with you, we’ll help you apply for a student visa.

Yaayy, we’re almost done.

By now you would’ve got an admit for your course. You’re all set to pack your backpack for your new beginning. Wellbeing Guide for Students

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