Mental health issues in students: What worsens the situation

Being a college student is extremely hard. You have to deal with everything like managing deadlines, create and maintain a budget, and the most difficult thing out of all is leaving your home and moving abroad. Living with complete strangers can be very stressful. Before the pandemic, there was never a discussion about mental health before. But, presently it has become one of the most important topics all around the world. Many students struggle with mental health issues but they are completely unable to come out of it on their own and feel too ashamed to even discuss it. Do you know if a student’s mental state is good and stable then it can be an essential tool for their academic achievement?

It isn’t a mystery that you have to be mentally happy and content to be able to achieve academic success in a medical college. The stress level in a medical college is huge and the vast curriculum, as well as the pressure, can completely deteriorate mental health. Various studies show that poor mental health can also ruin the quality of life and the physical health of the student as well. Hence, ruining their studies.

If you think you are struggling with mental health as well then keep an eye on these symptoms. Keep an eye on any kind of behavioral changes as they can be subtle ones as well. Find professional help that is available if you need it. Once you find professional help, talk to them openly about your mental health issues. The student should take time to understand the complete situation and move over it.

In the past ten years, mental health care support in the field of education has become an integral part. By raising awareness towards mental health and giving support, a difficult conversation for a student can become a much easier task.