Policies and Procedures

Edu-Tech companies are in dire need of policies in place in india. We at ISM EDUTECH are among the first of this niche to operate on some core ethics. That’s why, we internally work closely with the quality team to formulate policies and procedures and strive to implement them across our global presence.

Admissions Policy

ISM Edutech has established a policy for the admission of international students to universities in various locations all around the world in the MBBS course offered. This admission policy shall be supplementary to the existing general admission policies and procedures of the preferred University.

The colleges will only seek admissions of those applicants who are highly qualified and have good NEET scores and whose enrollment can be readily accommodated to the student.

Ethics Policy

ISM Edutech maintains a code of ethics in the workplace and during the student’s counseling. ISM Edutech will fulfill all the promises stated in its guiding statements, policies, contracts, or any promotional materials.

We strive for excellence and therefore plan to nurture a culture of care in which the education, safety, and well-being of students and others are the top priority. We respect the dignity and equality of everyone connected to us and also promote global citizenship.

Education Delivery Policy

ISM Edutech believes in providing quality education to all students studying abroad. That is why ISM Edutech makes sure that the clinical training meets world-class standards in education delivery, facilities and services, and provides tuition fee protection to every student studying abroad.

Human Resource Policy

ISM Edutech follows every formal rule and procedure that dictate how certain matters should be addressed in the workplace including employee rights and duties.

As HR Policies are tied to employment law.  We avoid any non-compliance and penalties from the government by adhering to HR policies.

Faculty Hiring Policy

ISM Edutech is committed to creating a diverse community of faculty in all the universities that is inclusive and responsive, and is supportive of one another  ISM seeks to promote diversity in its many manifestations based upon dependent on race, nationality, financial status, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and place of origin.


ISM Edutech promotes technological advancements because learning shouldn’t be limited to traditional educational settings.

Mostly all of the medical training approaches are designed specifically according to the new technology allowing colleges across all the colleges to reach new heights.

Data Protection Policy

ISM Edutech is committed to protecting the privacy of student’s personal information. As a feature of our responsibility,  we follow this arrangement to clarify our privacy and data protection practices, including what information we collect, how we use it, and what choices you have about the collection and use of your personal information.

Climate change Policy

ISM EDUTECH promises to play a leadership role in climate change by being knowledgeable, responsive, and adopting environment friendly technology and practices while pursuing our own growth aspirations and stake-holders.

The company will measure the carbon footprint and strive to:

  • Lead by example in their segment of industry on the carbon footprint in its operations
  • Engage the ISM EDUTECH family in climate change  advocacy and reshaping its regulations in different verticals
  • To inculcate “go green” perspective in all the organizational process