Why You Should Study MBBS In Abroad?

Everyone has at least once dreamed of becoming a doctor.  MBBS is one of the most sought-after careers in India. It is a profession that many parents want their children to pursue or in fact, anyone else would like to follow as a career. Many have a dream, but few make it a reality! This is the bitter truth of medical education in India.

Let us give you the real scoop on the MBBS program in India. In India, there are only 1,18,316 medical seats available. The medical education system has long been one of the people’s biggest worries in India. There are only very few Government Medical seats available in India. Because it is one of the toughest National Level Medical entrance exams, only a couple of students pass it.

Others who are unable to pass the tests consider alternative careers. In India, the rising demand for medical education, combined with fewer options at government medical colleges, forces students to seek admission to private medical colleges. However, private medical colleges ask for too many donations and aspirants become the victims of extremely high fees and low-quality education.

A lack of full-time qualified doctors is another reason why some Indian private medical institutions have failed to produce high-quality medical education. There is a lack of modern infrastructure as well as research facilities in the institutes. These are important aspects of medical education. Students’ learning suffers as a consequence of the shortage of these infrastructures.

But, thankfully, this is where medical schools located abroad come to the rescue of medical students.

For those who have never considered studying medicine abroad. Let us tell you something: studying MBBS abroad is unquestionably a boon. Universities located in foreign countries offer high-quality medical education at an extremely low price. Best medical universities get affiliated with MCI and WHO. This is our absolute favorite part and that’s because the students get to practice in India as well as all around the world because of foreign MBBS degrees.

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Barbados are among the best countries that offer quality MBBS programs. These countries’ universities are recognized by the world’s major medical organizations.

Eligibility Criteria for Study MBBS In Abroad

To be admitted to the world’s top medical  universities, students must meet the following eligibility requirements:
The students must be at least 17 years old and must have completed class 12 in Science. The student must have attained a minimum of 50% aggregate (General category and 40% aggregate for SC/ST/OBC category) in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
Students must have passed the NEET examinations.

The Benefits of Studying Medicine Abroad

There are always pros and cons to studying MBBS abroad in many places/countries. Listed below are a few of the benefits that have a significant impact on students studying MBBS from other countries:

Study MBBS In Abroad?

No Donations/Capitation Fee:

Indian students studying MBBS abroad do not have to pay any donations or additional money to the universities. They only need to pay the university fees to be admitted to any of the top medical universities in the world. As a result, the fees for MBBS abroad are affordable to any Indian student.

Low Cost

Many top medical universities in the world offer medical courses at a low cost. These colleges provide students with high-quality medical education. The fee structure includes both the hostel and the university fees. As a result, students can become doctors for as little as Rs. 20 to 25 lakhs. Some students with high school grades receive university scholarships for furthering their education. Abroad, the cost of living is comparatively low. As a result, many Indian students prefer to pursue higher education in other countries.

Direct Admissions

Getting into an MBBS program in another country or any other medical course is simple. Students are not required to take a university entrance exam. Students who pass the National Eligibility Cumulative Entrance Test (NEET) can be admitted directly to the University for MBBS from abroad. Some universities will also admit students who do not have a NEET score. As a result, the admissions process for students wishing to pursue MBBS from abroad is facilitated.

Advanced Learning Techniques

Education at universities around the world is of high quality. Universities are equipped with cutting-edge technology and infrastructure. Universities are able to provide high-quality education to all of their students by utilizing advanced learning techniques. The students are well-trained because they have acquired all of the necessary skills during their academic years. The final or sixth year of an MBBS abroad is entirely focused on hands-on training of students, in which they are permitted to attend to patients in hospitals under the supervision of senior doctors.

Language of Instruction

For anyone living in a different country, language can be a barrier. The use of English as a common language of instruction, on the other hand, helps students develop both personally and professionally.

MCI Recognized

The university where a student seeks admission for MBBS in Abroad should be approved by MCI or offer a globally recognized degree. After passing the MCI examination, students with a degree from a globally recognized institution that is approved by the MCI are eligible to practice medicine in India.

MCI Coaching

MCI-recognized universities also provide MCI coaching, which is delivered by Indian professors at universities around the world for the NEXT exam.

Excellent Exposure

Studying MBBS abroad allows Indian students to gain additional knowledge and skills. The universities have their own affiliated hospitals where students can do clinical rotations for hands-on experience.

Hostel Facilities

Indian students have access to hostels. These hostels offer fully furnished rooms with attached air conditioning, a centralized heating system, internet access, an Indian Mess where Indian food is served, and other conveniences such as gyms and swimming pools.

Career Opportunities

Students studying MBBS abroad have numerous opportunities to apply for jobs in any part of the world. Once they have obtained the certificate to practice anywhere in the world, they can obtain the country-specific certificate to practice medicine after graduation.

Consider These Factors Before Studying MBBS Abroad
Some of the most important reasons to pursue an MBBS in another country are as follows:

  • Perform extensive research on the university. Before applying for admission, learn about the university.
  • Understand the country’s environment and weather conditions.
    Understand the language requirement. Check to see if the university offers a program in English.
  • Investigate the number of Indian students studying in the preferred country.
  • Learn about the University’s and the country’s safety measures.
  • Learn about the country’s cost of living.
  • Make a budget for your MBBS abroad.


Which Country is the Best for MBBS Studies?

Some of the countries that we discovered to be best for medical studies abroad are:-
1. Kyrgyzstan
2. Kazakhstan
3. Tajikistan
4. Georgia
5. Barbados

Is it a Good Idea to Study MBBS Abroad?

Yes, it is definitely great to study MBBS abroad as it has multiple benefits that Indian universities wouldn’t be able to provide.

Why Are MBBS Studies So Expensive?

The correct question should be why are MBBS studies expensive in India. Because MBBS universities located abroad offer good quality medical education at a low price.

Does a Foreign MBBS Degree Guarantee Jobs?

After earning an MBBS degree, students will have numerous job and career opportunities. It is a professional field with a 100% job placement rate.

Where Can I Study MBBS In Abroad at a Low Cost?

These are The Best Countries to Study MBBS In Abroad at a Low Cost?

Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Georgia, and Barbados are one of the best countries that offer MBBS courses at a low cost. All the five countries offer top-notch education and the best facilities to the students but the best part about these countries is that they provide MBBS education at an extremely low cost.

What is the Duration of Studing MBBS Abroad?

The complete duration of study in MBBS abroad is almost 5 years long with a year of compulsory apprenticeship.

What is the Duration of Studing MBBS Abroad?

The complete duration of study in MBBS abroad is almost 5 years long with a year of compulsory apprenticeship.