Worried About College Interviews? Learn Every Detail Here!

Feeling completely worried about college interviews? Students may feel that college interviews are scary and intimidating. But in reality, it gives the interviewer an opportunity to understand how they will both profit from their future association. The university interview is expected to be a discussion, an easy talk about the investment of your time and money in the MBBS study program and how much you will actually be able to achieve from it.

The university interviewers will attempt to assess why you have decided to study in a particular country, university, and course. They examine if you will be able to do properly in the program. Finally, whether you will be to adjust to the college environment. There is no need to be worried about college interviews and prepare for the interview with us.

Some of the university interview questions you should prepare for:

Icebreaker Questions

Tell us about yourself?
Tell us about your family?
Why do you want to pursue MBBS studies?
What do you prefer to do most/what do you do best?
Have you traveled to a foreign country before? What did you learn in that country?

General Questions

Where do you see yourself 5/10/15 years from now after completing the MBBS course?
Who is your idol has influenced you most?
Tell us about your accomplishments or most memorable student experiences?
Name one person who has helped you to reach where you are today
Subjects that seemed most challenging or interesting to you?
Why have you decided to go to this country for this study program, rather than studying in India itself?

Questions on Degree/University Choice

Why did you choose this subject/ focus area?
Were you accepted to any other colleges?
Why are you interested in this university?

Personality Assessment Questions

Apart from academic interests, what is your hobby?
Tell me about the challenges that you have overcome in the past?
Suggest us a good book/ movie/ song.
What are your weaknesses/ strengths?
What has influenced your life goals/career ambitions most?
How do you determine progress?
What makes you special/unique?