ISM EduTech intellectualized the first venture for medical education abroad, in association with the International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK) and the guidance of the Ministry of Education(MIE) Kyrgyzstan.

International School of Medicine, Medical Training School of IUK was established in 2003.

In a historic decision, the curriculum was redefined into a 5-year program that attracted many foreign students (Mostly Indians).

The program gained popularity and consequently, the MIE recommended the curriculum to all private and public Medical Schools of Kyrgyzstan.

ISM EduTech’s team has worked tirelessly and aggressively over the past years. Our company has added many feathers to its hat and conquered the niche of medical education and healthcare services in India and abroad. Our team is focused on achieving greater heights in the future by scaling up quality healthcare services.

ISM EDUTECH’s Group Of Companies:

S.No. Company Sector
1 ISM EDUTECH Pvt Ltd Medical Education Consultancy
2 GME Pvt Ltd Medical Education Consultancy
3 NEMIST National Exit Tests Training Centers
4 PROCEUM Pvt Ltd Medical E-Learning and Visualizing Medical Education company
5 VEDANTA Hospitals and Healthcare
6 STANASIA Pvt Ltd Medical Tourism Company
7 ASIAN SKYLINE Pvt Ltd Aviation Company

ISM EDUTECH’s Medical Universities :

ISM EduTech is one of the prime medical education services consortiums representing more than ten universities across the globe offering comprehensive medical programs. The company additionally prevails as the stake-holder in some of the institutions demonstrating their commitment to their students by undertaking the management and infrastructure development of these institutions.

Mededucare's Collaboration with ISM EduTech

MED EDU CARE MEDICAL MARKETING PVT LTD (MEC) was established in 2020 with the sole purpose of enhancing and delivering the highest quality standards of medical education and student admissions processing services to students worldwide.

ISM EDUTECH PVT LTD has come in association with MEC to take a step forward in the direction of providing Superior synchronized Medical Education Services to the students of India within the parameters of its Partnered Institutions in countries not limited to Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Tajikistan, and Barbados.