Is Kazakhstan a good option for MBBS studies?

Kazakhstan, is a little unfamiliar name in the field of MBBS studies, right? But did you have any idea that the medical education in Kazakhstan is one of the best? I can bet that you had no idea about it. So, what’s so special about Kazakhstan is that so many students travel thousands of miles just to study MBBS there. Before we get into the details about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan.

Study MBBS in Kazakhstan

All in all, Kazakhstan is a mainstream & protected land located in the Central Asian nation. It’s connected to Russia, China, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgystan. The beauty of Kazakhstan is because of the snow-capped peaks, deserts, flatlands, deltas, and much more. The beauty of Kazakhstan makes it the best option to study MBBS in Kazakhstan. Even if the population is low, it is the 9th largest country.

If you wish and dream to study MBBS abroad, then studying MBBS in Kazakhstan might be one of the best things that can happen to you. You may not know this but there are huge advantages to studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. We have gathered a list of advantages that hold a lot of importance to an aspirant seeking a medical college in Kazakhstan have been mentioned below.

Affiliated With Both MCI and WHO

The best medical colleges like Kazakh Russian Medical University, Kokshetau State University, and Caspian International School Of Medicine are also affiliated with the Medical Council of India(MCI) and the World Health Organization(WHO). Don’t you think it’s the biggest advantage? With both affiliations, you will be able to practice in India and across the world.

Duration of the MBBS Course

The second best thing about studying MBBS in Kazakhstan is the duration. The students just have to go through five years of studies. Then, one year of internship where extensive training under the supervision of doctors is provided. In six years, a student becomes a professional in the field of medical sciences.

No donation is required

Kazakhstan’s medical institutions work in complete contrast to that of Indian Universities. Indian private institutions demand a lot of money as donations and in return offer admission to their college. But in Kazakhstan, it’s completely different. There is no need for the student to pay donations to get admission to a particular college.

Availability of MCI/NEXT training

Apart from good medical education, the universities take complete responsibility for MCI/NEXT training. It is required for the student to qualify MCI/NEXT exam to practice in India.

Best Infrastructure

Along with the beautiful buildings, the colleges have modern equipment, the best quality medical education that involves classrooms that are fully conditioned, and smart classes.

Professional and experienced faculty

The faculty at Kazakhstan’s universities are highly qualified and experienced, to provide medical students with practical knowledge. They help students by addressing their questions in a friendly manner.

Low learning costs

When compared to other nations, learning MBBS in Kazakhstan is affordable.

Easy admission process

The process of admission in Kazakhstan is very simple. The candidate has to meet with eligibility criteria for admission to Kazakhstan’s top medical Universities. An aspirant can even get in touch with MBBS abroad consultants as it becomes easier for them to get admission to Kazakhstan’s top medical University.

Eligibility criteria for MBBS study in Kazakhstan:

  1. The candidate has finished his/her 12th grade in science, with biology as a mandatory subject.
  2. The student must have at least a 50% average in three disciplines (PCB):
  3. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  4. The student must be NEET-UG qualified in the year of affirmation.
  5. The candidate who will turn 16 in the year of admission.
  6. The student possesses a current passport.


We hope this blog has shed some light on Is Kazakhstan A Good Option For MBBS Studies?  studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. There are several benefits to studying MBBS in Kazakhstan. If you ask us about the disadvantages of studying MBBS in Kazakhstan, we will struggle to come up with one. If you ask us whether Kazakhstan is good for MBBS, we will tell you that it is. But what do you think about Kazakhstan and studying MBBS in Kazakhstan? Tell us what you think in the comments.


Is studying MBBS in Kazakhstan good?

Is Kazakhstan a good option for MBBS studies? Studying MBBS in Kazakhstan might be the best choice a student can make. Kazakhstan’s colleges are the best as they have received the affiliation of both MCI and WHO.

Is Kazakhstan medical degree valid all around the world?

The MBBS degree provided is recognized worldwide which allows the graduates to work all around the world.

Can I work in Kazakhstan after MBBS?

The medical degree that the student receives from Kazakhstan’s universities is recognized worldwide. Graduates can work all around the world. Graduates can continue working in Kazakhstan and it will turn out to be the best option for them.

How can I study medicine in Kazakhstan?

Those who wish to study MBBS in Kazakhstan need to complete 12th class with at least 60 percent marks with Biology as a compulsory subject. Aspirants need to qualify NEET exam as well.

Is NEET compulsory for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The colleges working in collaboration with ISM EduTech need a NEET score. There is no entrance exam held during admission to Kazakhstan’s medical colleges.

Which is the best medical university in Kazakhstan?

Is NEET compulsory for MBBS in Kazakhstan?

The colleges working in collaboration with ISM EduTech need a NEET score. There is no entrance exam held during admission to Kazakhstan’s medical colleges.